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Wisma St. Joseph Project

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Bishop’s Message on Wisma St. Joseph

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Wisma St Joseph project comprises a new Cathedral. a Pastoral Center at it current location, Holy spirit chapel in Permyjaya, and the bishop’s residence at Tanjong Lobang.

Note. the relocation of the Primary School is cancelled.
Our mission is “to build the Lord a house”. As the people of God in the Diocese of Miri we are in need of a Cathedral, Pastoral Centre, a Church in Permyjaya and a house for our Bishop. Everyone in the diocese, men and women, boys and girls, young children and old people, rich and poor, handicapped, skilled – in other words no one is to be excluded – from participating in this wonderful task of “building the Lord’s house”‘. The buildings are to be an expression our our “cheerful generosity to the Lord”, a gift to him out of our love for him, in return for the great mercy he has shown us in Jesus Christ, The gifts we make to the Lord are multiple, both spiritual and material. We build the Lord a house and with our prayers, fasting, works of mercy, time goods, money. The gift of love is inventive. Therefore, let each and everyone make the gift of love that he or she wants to give to accomplish this task.
WISMA ST, JOSEPH has its own bank account at Public Bank Berhad Directed by Bishop, who demands accountability and transparency, the accounts will be published.